Valley Baptist Church

Appleton, WI

 Valley's five pillars of ministry to serve those currently in our fellowship and those yet to come. 



The lower level of this addition will provide more adult Bible study classrooms and new middle and high school activity areas. The renovation of existing facilities will expand the nursery, preschool and children's educational rooms. More room for more people to learn about Jesus. 



Growing closer to each other. 

Our welcome and fellowship space will be expanded and additional overflow space added as the current worship center is transformed into a multi-purpose room. These enhancements will encourage long and lasting friendships that go beyond the walls of a building. 



Expressing our love to God.

Our next phase of building will provide opportunities for the Valley family to flourish for years to come. The 400-seat worship center used for multiple services will allow us to grow to up to 650 people. Imagine the ripple effect of those people encountering Jesus Christ each week and impacting the world for the glory of God. 



Sharing the gospel.

We all know people who need salvation which only comes through our Lord Jesus Christ. A well designed worship and welcome center will provide the facilities and space to host events where family and friends may encounter the gospel. 



Expressing God's love to people in tangible ways. 

As we worship together, growing closer to God and each other better equips us to join Him in sharing His love with people around us in tangible ways. This is currently happening in several areas. One is through our strong Biblical counseling ministry. Having the facilities suitable to train counselors and engage in counseling is a very important addition. Another vital area is in our Men's and Women's ministry activities. Bible studies and special events are important tools to encourage men and women to embrace their unique God-given talents and roles. 



Logistics Manuals were distributed at the Coordination Meeting. Please send a message on the contact page if you did not get a copy.


Building Plans were distributed at the Coordination meeting. Please send a message on the contact page if you did not get one.



BFC remains committed to work with Valley Baptist Church in Appleton, WI to build their new building beginning May 17, 2021 and to follow our normal work schedule throughout the summer. We recognize that many of our teams need information, as soon as possible, to begin making plans and asking for days off work. The BFC Leadership Team Leaders have recently received an email (see attached PDF) that asks that they discuss our plans with their respective volunteer missionaries. We have set March 20, 2021 as the date for the Project Planning Meeting. Hopefully, by then, the Covid-19 situation will have become more stable and will allow us to firm up our plans. We believe that the Lord has lead us to this project and our partnership is strong.

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